Orchestrating the Instruments of Power:

A Critical Examination of the
U.S. National Security System

War and American Democracy

As of 19 June 2015

Supplemental Material for Chapter 2



Jonathon Winthrop’s “city on the hill”, among other early documents

Organizations for Policy Formulation and Advocacy

Fact Tanks

Pew Research Center, according to SourceWatch

Pew Forum on Religion and Society

Federally Funded Think Tanks

Center for Naval Analyses, according to SourceWatch

Institute for Defense Analyses, according to SourceWatch

Systems and Analyses Center

Science and Technology Policy Institute

Centers for Communications and Computing

Rand, according to SourceWatch

Army Research Division (Arroyo Center)

Air Force Research Division (Project Air Force)

National Security Research Division (National Defense Research Institute)

Analytic Services Inc (ANSER)

Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute, according to SourceWatch

Independent Think Tanks

Brookings Institution, according to SourceWatch

Center for Strategic and International Studies, according to SourceWatch

Chicago Council on Global Affairs, on public division pdf

Ideologically Aligned Think Tanks

American Enterprise Institute, according to SourceWatch, according to RightWingWatch

CATO Institute, according to SourceWatch, according to RightWingWatch

Center for American Progress, according to SourceWatch, according to politico, according to UndueInfluence (Left Tracking)

Heritage Foundation, according to SourceWatch, according to RightWingWatch


Professional Services Council, representing the interests of for-profit contractors, performs a watchdog function over the not-for-profit FFRDCs, according to SourceWatch.

SourceWatch is published by The Center for Media and Democracy (with a liberal outlook).

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