Orchestrating the Instruments of Power:

A Critical Examination of the
U.S. National Security System

Subordinate National Strategy and
Policy Statements

As of 16 October 2015

Supplemental Material for Chapter 6

        National Military Strategy

o   NMS 1992,01 pdf

-   Army War College on National Military Strategy 1992, pdf

o   NMS 1995 pdf

o   NMS 1997 pdf

o   NMS 2004 pdf

o   NMS 2011,02,08 pdf

o   NMS 2015,06 pdf

        Military Force Structure

o   Base Force, the process (1989-1992) pdf

o   Bottom-Up Review 1993,10 pdf

o   End Strength spreadsheets

o   End Strength source from Defense Manpower Data Center html

        Defense Planning/Strategic Guidance

o   For an overview of the complex Pentagon processes, see AcqNotes.com

o   DPG 1992 Bush 41

-   DPG extract from New York Times 1992,02,18 pdf

-   DPG 1992,02,29 pdf

-   DPG 1992,03,17 pdf

-   DPG 1992,03,30 pdf

-   DPG 1992,04,16 pdf

o   DSG Obama 2012,01,06 pdf

        National Defense Strategy

o   NDS 2005 pdf

o   NDS 2008 pdf

o   NDS 2012 pdf

o   NDS 2018 pdf

        National Maritime Strategy

o   NMS 2005,09 pdf

o   NMS 2007,10 pdf

o   NMS 2015,03 pdf

        Quadrennial Defense Review

o   Authorizing legislation html

o   QDR 1997 pdf

o   QDR 2001 pdf

o   QDR 2006 pdf

o   QDR 2010 pdf

o   National Defense Panel on QDR 2010 pdf

o   CRS on upcoming QDR 2014 pdf

o   QDR 2014 pdf

o   National Defense Panel on QDR 2014 pdf

        Intelligence Strategy

o   National Counterintelligence Strategy 2005,03 pdf

o   National Intelligence Strategy 2005,10 pdf

o   National Counterintelligence Strategy 2007 pdf

o   Defense Intelligence Strategy 2008 pdf

o   National Counterintelligence Strategy 2009 pdf

o   National Intelligence Strategy 2009,08 pdf

o   National Intelligence Strategy 2014 pdf

        Cyber and Information Strategy

o   NS for cyberspace 2003,02 pdf

o   NMS for cyberspace 2005,12,11 pdf

o   NS for information sharing 2007,10 pdf

o   NS for cyberspace 2010,06,25 pdf

o   Digital Government 2012,05,23 pdf

        Department of State-Agency for International Development

o   Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Reviews

-   QDDR 2010 pdf html

         Fact sheet pdf

         Implementing QDDR 2010 pdf

-   QDDR 2015 pdf html

o   Strategic Plans

-   Strategic Plan 2003 pdf

-   Strategic Plan 2007 pdf

-   Strategic Plan 2014 pdf

o   State-USAID FY 2007 pdf

o   USAID Strategy for Democracy, HR, and Governance 2013,06 pdf

o   USAID Cooperation with DOD 2015 pdf

o   DOS-USAID Strategy 2016,05 pdf


o   CTC Warning of 9/11 1998,12,04 pdf

o   UBL statements 2004,01 pdf

o   NMS plan for war on terrorism 2005,02,01 pdf

o   NS for combating terrorism 2006,09 pdf

o   National Counterterrorism Center report 2008,04,30 pdf

o   NS for Countering Terrorism 2011,06 pdf

        National Drug Control Strategy

o   Office of National Drug Control Policy home html

o   NDCS 1989,09 pdf

o   NDCS 1993,01 pdf

o   NDCS 1997,02,25 exsum pdf

o   NDCS 1997 pdf html

o   NDCS 2000 pdf

o   NDCS 2005,12,11 pdf

o   NDCS 2009 pdf

o   NDCS 2010 pdf

o   NDCS 2011 pdf

o   NDCS 2012 pdf

o   NDCS 2013 pdf

o   NDCS 2014 pdf

o   Army War College/Strategic Studies Institute 2012,12 pdf

o   Congressional Research Service 2014,09,30 pdf

        National Money Laundering Strategy

o   Links to all NMLS and more html


o   Country Studies

-   Soldier handbook 1943 pdf

-   Soldier handbook 2003 pdf

-   Marine handbook 2004 pdf

o   Prewar Intelligence on Iraqi WMD

-   DCI on Iraqi WMD (NIE) 2002,10 pdf

-   Key judgments of NIE 2002,10 pdf

-   Senate report on Prewar Intelligence 2004,07 pdf

o   Future of Iraq Project from State Department

-   National Security Archives html

-   Public Broadcasting System Frontline html

o   Choosing War 2008 pdf

o   Exit Strategies

-   National Strategy for Victory in Iraq (Bush) 2005,10 pdf

-   Confederation (Biden and Gelb)
2006,05,01 New York Times,
2006,08,24 Washington Post

-   Partition (Eland) link

-   Plan Z (Etizoni) link

o   Building security forces 2009,08 pdf

o   Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

-   Archived SIGIR web page including all reports 2004-2013 html

-   Hard lessons 2010,02 pdf

-   Final report 2013,09 pdf


o   Country Studies

-   Marine Handbook 2004 pdf

o   USAID Rebuilding Afghanistan 2002,03,11 pdf

o   McCaffrey testimony on strategy options 2009,10,22 pdf

o   Building security forces 2009,12 pdf

o   Afghanistan as a case study for interagency coordination 2013 pdf

o   Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction

-   Archived SIGAR web page including all reports html


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