Orchestrating the Instruments of Power:

A Critical Examination of the
U.S. National Security System

Post-Cold War Strategies

As of 18 December 2017

Supplemental Material for Chapter 6



Some removed material from earlier Orchestrating pdf

A more elaborate discussion of terrorism/counterterrorism strategies pdf

National Security Strategy statements

·        Bush 41 (1989-1993)

o   NSR 12 initiating national security review 1989,03,03 pdf

-   The resulting report and supporting papers remain classified. I requested a mandatory review from the Bush Presidential Library 17 March 2016.

-   Part I: Current U.S. Defense Strategy and Key Trends and Uncertainties

1.      Report, 38 pages, 3/27/89

2.      Paper, 11 pages, 3/28/89

-   Part II: U.S. Defense Objectives and Strategies for the 1990s and Beyond

1.      Dealing with the Soviet Union, paper, 17 pages, 4/22/89

2.      Forward Deployments and Burdensharing, paper 12 pages, 4/20/89

3.      Strategies for Threats in the Third World, paper, 12 pages, 4/22/89

4.      Advanced Technology and U.S. Security, paper, 4 pages, 4/19/89

5.      Theater Nuclear Force Capabilities, paper, 7 pages, 4/22/89

6.      Space Capabilities and Strategy, paper, 7 pages, 4/19/89

o   NSS 1990 pdf

o   NSS 1991 pdf

o   NSS 1993 pdf

·        Clinton (1993-2001)

o   NSS 1994 pdf

o   NSS 1995 pdf

o   NSS 1996 pdf

o   NSS 1997 pdf

o   NSS 1998 pdf

o   NSS 1999 pdf

o   NSS 2000 pdf

·        Bush 43 (2001-2009)

o   NSS 2002 pdf

o   NSS 2006 pdf

·        Obama (2009-2017)

o   NSS 2010 pdf

o   NSS 2015 pdf

-   NSS 2015 fact sheet pdf

·        Trump (2017-)

o   NSS 2017 pdf

Strategy Proposals

There were many strategies proposed after the Cold War in the so-called “Kennan Sweepstakes.” They are easily accessible in scholarly journals but cannot be posted here due to copyright restrictions. Follow the footnotes in the text. The Posen and Ross article in International Security, even considering its age, is a great place to start.

·         Council on Foreign Relations Strategy for an Age of Terrorists, Tyrants, and WMD 2003 pdf

·         Rand Strategic Rethink 2015 html

Strategic Assessments

·         Strategic Assessment 1995 pdf

o   Short review of Strategic Assessment 1995 pdf

·         Strategic Assessment 1996 html pdf

·         Strategic Assessment 1997 html pdf

·         Strategic Assessment 1998 html pdf

·         Strategic Assessment 1999 html pdf

Subordinate National Strategy statements

There are many strategies that are subordinate to the National Security Strategy. They include defense, diplomatic, intelligence, counterdrug strategies and more. Many are collected here.


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