Orchestrating the Instruments of Power:

A Critical Examination of the
U.S. National Security System

Instruments of Power

As of 15 October 2015

Supplemental Material for Chapter 7

Official DoD Definition

Instruments of National Power: All of the means available to the governmenl in its pursuit of national objectives. They are expressed as diplomatic, economic, informational, and military.

    from the Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, search, pdf


1996 Strategic Assessment 1996: Instruments of U.S. Power, read online in html, pdf (caution, 26MB)

2014,07 All Elements of National Power pdf

Congressional Testimony including “Smart Power”

·         2008,04,24 Testimony to Senate Foreign Relations Committee,“Implementing Smart Power: Setting an Agenda for National Security Reform”

o   Transcripts and Videos of Members and Witnesses, here.

o   Opening Statement by Senator Richard G. Lugar, here.

o   Richard L. Armitage and Joseph S. Nye, Jr., from CSIS

·         2009,01,13 Testimony to Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Confirmation Hearing for Secretary of State

o   Hillary Clinton, National Public Radio, New York Times


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