Orchestrating the Instruments of Power:

A Critical Examination of the
U.S. National Security System

Mechanisms of Power

As of 3 December 2015

Supplemental Material for Chapter 8


·         A short extract from the earlier edition of Orchestrating pdf

·         USIP home page html

·         Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding 2011 html pdf


·         Organization chart html, mobile html

·         DoS History Office, an excellent source for documents html

·         American Foreign Service Association html and Foreign Service Journal html

·         US Diplomacy html

·         USAID home page html

·         2006,01 USAID What and How pdf

·         2013,06 Congressional Attitudes toward State pdf

USIA (disestablished 1999)

·         USIA webpage archive html, includes a 5MB Commemoration USIA 1953-1999

·         FRUS compendium documenting development of the US Information Agency during Eisenhower administration html

·         Evolution of Strategic Influence 2003,04,07 pdf

ACDA (disestablished 1999)

·         ACDA Archive html

CRS (2004-2011) – CRO (2011- )

·         2005,01 Congressional Research Service report pdf

·         2005,03 Army War College paper pdf

·         2005,12 NSPD 44 pdf

·         2006,01 Government Executive article on CRS pdf

·         2006,06 Joint Forces Quarterly article on CRS pdf

·         2007,01 Congressional Research Service report pdf

·         2008,01 testimony to House Armed Services Committee pdf

·         2010,04 Congressional Research Service report pdf


·         DoD organization chart (2012,03) pdf

·         Office of the Secretary of Defense html

·         Joint Chiefs of Staff html

·         History of the Unified Command Plan pdf

Intelligence Community

·         The Evolution of the U.S. Intelligence Community-An Historical Overview, 1996,02,23 pdf

·         The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, html, provides links to all members of the IC as well as to ODNI’s centers and offices.

·         Of particular note, see the CIA’s Center for Intelligence Studies and “pocket history” of the CIA

·         CIA World Fact Book

·         Emergence of the Intelligence Establishment 1952-1954 html

·         Origins and development of National Security Agency 1940-1952 pdf

·         Intelligence Community overview 2013 pdf

·         CIA reorganization press release 2015,03,06 html


·         DoJ home page html

·         FBI home page html

·         FBI facts 2013-2014 pdf


·         DoT organization html

·         FinCEN organization html

·         Terrorism and Financial Intelligence html

Homeland Security

·         Department home page html

·         Brief History pdf

·         Homeland Security Digital Library, an excellent source for both Homeland and National Security documents html


The ultimate interagency body, the NSC, is covered in Chapter 9 and is backed up by a more detailed chapter on the NSC in the supplemental material of Chapter 9. Other interagency bodies are mentioned at the end of Chapter 8 and supplemental information on those bodies is given here.

·         Interagency Models for Reconstruction and Stabilization

o   NDU interagency models for reconstruction and stabilization 2005,08 pdf

o   Case study on Interagency Cooperation in Afghanistan 2013 pdf

·         Provincial Reconstruction Teams

o   Afghanistan PRTs 2006,04,05 pdf

o   Afghanistan PRT assessment 2006,04,26 pdf

o   Coalition PRTs in Iraq and Afghanistan 2008,01 pdf

o   GAO on PRTs in Iraq and Afghanistan 2008,10,01 pdf

·         Country Teams

o   AEI report on country teams 2008,06 pdf

o   NDU report on country teams 2010,12 html pdf

·         Handbooks

o   Humanitarian Disaster Response 2004 pdf

o   Complex Operations 2004,02,24 pdf

o   Combatant Commands’ Joint Interagency Coordination Group (JIACG) 2007,03,01 pdf

o   Coalition Operations 2008,04,18 pdf

·         Joint Interagency Task Force South, an interagency success story

o   JIATF South pdf

·         Nation Building, State Building, and Economic Development

o   UK Conflict Prevention for Africa 2004,09 pdf

o   Counter-bureaucracy and Development 2010,07,13 pdf

o   Small Wars Journal article on Africa 2011,01,15 pdf

o   CRS on weak states 2008,08,28 pdf

·         Empowering Partners against Extremists 2011,08 pdf


·         Senate html

·         Congressional Committees and more html

·         Government Accountability Office (GAO) html

·         Congressional Research Service (CRS) html, documents html, multiple sources html

·         Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) (disestablished 1995) document archive html and more html

·         Congressional Attitudes toward State 2013,06 pdf

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