Orchestrating the Instruments of Power
Supplemental Material

Covert Operations, etc.

As of 29 September 2015

Truman (1945-1953)

Worthy of note is that the first term of the Truman administration established the framework for covert operations and intelligence infrastructure. For a focused collection of documents provided in FRUS, see Emergence of the Intelligence Establishment html. See also NSC Intelligence Directives 1947-1955 html.

         NSC 1/1 Position of the United States with Respect to Italy 1947,11,14 html

         NSC 1/2 Position of the United States with Respect to Italy 1948,02,10 html

         NSC 1/3 Position of the United States with Respect to Italy 1948,03,08 html

         The record on Italy (97mb) pdf


         NSC 4 Covert Operations 1947,12,09 html, 1947,12,12 html

         NSC 4-A Covert Operations 1947,12,17 html

         NSC 10/2 Covert Operations 1948,06,18 html

         NSC 10/4 Covert Operations 1951,01,16 html pdf

         NSC 10/5 Covert Operations 1951,10,23 html pdf

Eisenhower (1953-1961)

         The Intelligence Community 1950-1955 html

         Psychological Warfare Plan 1951,04,09 pdf (caution 100MB with only 8 pages)

         NSC 5412 Covert Operations 1954,03,15 html pdf

         NSC 5412/1 Covert Operations 1955,03,12 html

         NSC 5412/2 Covert Operations 1955,12,28 html, in The Intelligence Community 1950-1955 pdf

         NSC 5812/1 Wartime Psychological Operations 1958,05,16 pdf

         NSC 5412 Covert Operations historical review of 1959,01,19 5412 Special Group pdf

Reagan (1981-1989)

         NSDD 159 Covert Action 1985,01,18 pdf

         NSDD 286 Authorizing Covert Action (extract), 1987,06,09 pdf photocopy


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